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explore your relationship with:

preventive medicine: self-care 

posture and movement

somatic understanding

& epigenetic considerations

This program is a MUST for the person who wants to access their optimal health without breaking the bank!

Are you suffering from chronic pain, spiritual emergency, limited motion, feeling disconnected from your body, or are feeling daring and want to just dive deeper into the unknown aspects of yourself? Has there been an unresolved trauma or death that you need closure with?

Come explore "Functional and Folk Medicine coaching, mind body therapies, Espiritismo messages from the ethers and natural realms. Allow me to help you to become proactive about nutritional  lifestyle and exercise, preventative/self-care, and more!

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As a Functional and folk medicine  coach and life engineering facilitator, I am offering guidance through your daily life. During our sessions, we will walk through real life ways to implement the process all within the fabric of ones inner and outer worlds, setting boundaries to allow for more self care and promoting progressive communication, in order to allow a new, epigenetic healing space to emerge. 

Personally, I am on a constant process of education, and I feel the client must learn to do the same with their case and elements presented to them. I help provide elements and educate on the path of learning, and follow up on with their own case as they learn about their bodies and are intrigued by the process. 

What is the challenge that is holding back the force (refering homeostasis of a person)? There is a vital force that is being thwarted- and the client as the gatekeeper must take part in this discovery to pass on to the next phase of there healing and tonification.



Health Coach and Consultant


Integrative Health Consultant: Functional and folk medicine, genomics, somatic therapies, micro biome education

Health Education & Healing sessions/Ceremonies

CEU Educator-Nationally Approved Provider #741

Massage,Exercise, and Functional Movement Therapies for chronic pain, rehabilitation, mind-body integration

Chi-Kung, Bagua, Tai-chi, Espiritismo sessions(working with the spirit realm to harmonize the full-spectrum of life matters)


David pulls from his practice as a Functional and Folk Medicine coach & healing arts therapist with a rich background in structural therapies, including massage, myofascial release, Shiatsu, Thai, movement-integrative therapies, cura (spirit-energy) healing and psycho-somatic fields. His teachings integrate his experiences with both hands-on, energy healing, and cutting edge research into multiple fields of study into unique classes that emphasize the subtle interconnections of the mind and body, which make all the difference between an empowered healing session and a temporary one. David’s fundamental interest as a teacher is to deeply instill others with the spirit of continuous learning- to walk upon a path of constant evolution of skill-sets and consciousness. He hopes to inspire others to embrace the healing arts even more authentically and practically. 

Continuing Education Classes & Workshops

Movement and Exercise Therapies:  Functional Body Mechanics and Myofascial Unwinding

16 CE Hrs Nationally Approved

This event we will be going into the eclectic theory and spirit which goes into this integrative art. Aspects of human perception, practitioner embodyment, "quantum, morphogenic fields" and how they interact in a therapeutic session (consciousness and this experimental creation), accupoint facilitation with the client and our own unwinding and meeting of self/disease health axis, some nutritional aspects of fascia tissue regeneration, fulcrums for somatic release, cranial rhythms in fascia, "gravitational symmetry, Mind body armouring, and more!!

This class is also presented as a series for the general public as well as practitioners as a health maintenance program for the community and therapists encouraging general and personal specific health education and embodyment series. 

Reflexology:  Health and Rejuvenation Through the Feet

An application of reflexology massage, Incorporating Chinese medicine and European spa foot Treatments

6 CE Hrs Nationally Approved

Shiatsu:  Shiatsu hands-on Protocols

Learn the art of approaching the body as an energetic system that regulates through the subtle energy system of the meridians and the organs. 

6 CE Hrs Nationally Approved

Shiatsu:  Shiatsu Protocols and assessments Techniques

Learn the art of approaching the body as an energetic system that regulates through the subtle energy system of the meridians and the organs. 

12 CE Hrs Nationally Approved

Therapeutic Massage:  Removing the barriers to the body - Adaptations to Table, Floor and Chair massage techniques. (Accelerated Course)

12 CE Hrs Nationally Approved 

Therapeutic Massage:  Removing the barriers to the body - Adaptations to Table, Floor and Chair massage techniques.

24 CE Hrs Nationally Approved


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