Chronic Pain Relief and Mind Body Massage and Bodywork

16+ years as a bodyworker what i bring to the table is an ecclectic mix of mind body somatic release/integration, osteopathic massage, myofascial unwinding, shiatsu/accupoint therapy, structural integration and functional movement philosophical foundations for rehabilitation and retraining our conscious control of our body and how we choose to be embodied. Even the best bodywork in the world will suffer without this type of integrative facilitation. Two things: gravity will never be kind unless you learn how to work with it and the mind body connection is real. Our sense of self identification and embodyment is just as crucial as all of the good posture in the world. Our mind affects the actual "content" of our tissues and how they will remain/sustain throughout the trials and tribulations that life has for us. Primarily the issue is we do not have the time or luxury to integrate all of the mental and emotional information that we take in on a daily basis. So it becomes stored within the tissue and creates a private life of its own until we have the

ability and knowledge to meet it.

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